September 1, 2007

Sevara Nazarkhan - Yol Bolsin (mpc & mp3)

2003 (Real world / virgin)
Arranged & Produced by Hector Zazou

With such a monolithic history, modernity can be easily sidelined. Yet, Sevara, the pop star, is no stranger to popular music trends. With samples, electric guitars and keyboards Yol Bolsin didn't fully begin to flower until record producer Hector Zazou, from France, immersed himself in the tastes and smells of contemporary Uzbekistan. Sevara jokes that she forced Zazou to eat, drink, and dress Uzbeki – and always central to this experience is pure tradition. For the album's doutar-playing, Sevara borrows the hands and experience of Toir Kuziyev, a master of instrumentation. The results are a collection of evocative songs recorded in Tashkent and Paris and finally mixed in the Real World Studios in Box, Wiltshire. Yet Yol Bolsin remains outside time and essentially Central Asian.
(Real world)

Another new great album carried out by Hector Zazou and Real world. Fusion of traditional Uzbek music and electro-pop ambient, this is a wonderfull album thanks to the melodies and the biwitching voice of Sevara Nazarkhan, and all supported by Hector Zazou very inspired in his electronic, original and respectful arrangements which gives us to hear whole emotional capacity and universality of the Sevara Nazarkhan's music;
highly advised !
Download(mpc"Insane"): rapidshare

Download(mp3@320 cbr): rapidshare part1
& rapidshare part2

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Anonymous said...

sorry, but: is there a special reason for using the mpc format for the files? this is the most annoying format i've ever come across...

wildauk said...

hi nice stuff...i have a couple of these but will enjoy the others... i have put you on my list if thats ok perhaps you could do the same.. i thankyou kindly..

wildauk said...

thanks for the link w

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