September 12, 2007

Michael Brook

Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook
Black Rock


With these recordings, Djivan Gasparyan and Michael Brook have fashioned a unique musical hybrid.
The duduk is prominently featured, as one might expect, but a surprise is in store for those not yet appraised of Gasparyan's vocal capabilities; his singing is vibrant and assured, its timbral colours neatly dovetailing with the warm, slightly nasal tone of the duduk. Both instruments are displayed to best advantage against the varied arrangements drafted and performed by Brook, with help from the English engineer and multi-instrumentalist Richard Evans.

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Michael Brook/ Dr Hukwe Zawose
2002 (realworld)

Tanzania had a made-to-measure musical ambassador in the person of Dr Hukwe Zawose: educator, instrument builder, cultural conservationist and - most importantly - a charismatic singer and musician of singular abilities who introduced the music of his people (the Wagogo, of central Tanzania's arid Dodoma region) to an international audience. Despite two decades of concert performances around the world, Hukwe remained an enthusiasm shared mostly by the inner circle of world music aficionados.
Peter Gabriel, founder of Real World Records, is a Hukwe fan of long standing who felt the time was nigh for Dr Zawose's sound to reach a larger audience. With this goal in mind, he tapped the Canadian producer/instrumentalist Michael Brook to collaborate with Hukwe. The project would build upon traditional Tanzanian music and Hukwe's unique talents with arrangements and textures that could prove enticing to a broader spectrum of listeners. Assembely is the product of this collaboration.

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Michael Brook/ Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Night song

The potent relationship between Nusrat and Michael Brook reaches compelling emotional heights with the sequel to 'Mustt Mustt'.

A true classic. Nominated for a 1997 Grammy Award.

"A work of great album for the ages, defying genre and solidifying Khan's stature as one of the world's pre-eminent singers." Billboard

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