September 25, 2007

Electronic Music (Three EP's)

Statskcartsa - Untie (EP)

2006 (boltfish)

The only release by Greg Haines under the moniker of Statskcartsa, based on tracks made in the summer of 2005, plus a Statskcartsa remix of CHEjU's 'Pachinko' as a bonus track.
Also contains remixes by CHEjU, MINT and Greg Haines.
This limited release has now been deleted.

Download: mediafire

Keith Fullerton Whitman - Lisbon (EP)
2006 (kranky)

The works of Whitman have veered from minimalist compositions that are reminiscent of the dampened sounds of the Arctic gale to the dark, unfettered thrashings of Krautrock. This document stands out from past efforts for the simple fact that, rather than following his tendency to rework compositions until every element is polished and impeccable, here he allows the original effort stand on its own, blemishes and all.
This having been said, Lisbon is a far cry from being muddled and rudimentary. To the contrary, this single forty-minute piece demonstrates a careful build from smooth, serene sine-waves, high stinging tones - sounding not unlike the shrill chirp of newborn birds - and long-held organ chords to metallic scraping noises, erratic single note guitar lines that pulse like blood, and delicious smears of pure sound.
The arc of this composition also warrants further inspection, for rather than opting for marked contrasts, and more or less abrupt shifts, Whitman nurses this music along ever so slowly, and, as a result, the ensuing tension is all the more palpable for the care that went into its development. Whitman also demonstrates power within this self-imposed confinement, planting within each phase a plethora of detail - from the muted percussive sighs and low frequency static vibrations of the earlier moments to the pockets of fuzzed out, decaying feedback that are splashed about the latter half. While perhaps not arising from a stern zealousness, one imagines that the care evident in the unfolding of these events is the result of the appreciation and awe Whitman felt over his recent surroundings in Galeria Ze Dos Bois, where this piece was recorded. Not surprisingly, an unencumbered imagination brimming with sprightly moods runs rampant throughout this charming album.(Max Schaefer)

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Telefon Tel Aviv - Immediate Action #8 (EP)

Telefon Tel Aviv is a Chicago-based electronic music group (relocated from New Orleans in 2001) primarily known for their work in the intelligent dance music genre.

Formed in 1999 by Charles Cooper and Joshua Eustis, their first album was released in the fall of 2001 to positive reviews. In 2002 they released an EP under the Hefty Records Immediate Action label where vocalist Lindsay Anderson (from L'Altra) was added to the group.

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