September 4, 2007

Ryan Teague - Coins & Crosses

2006(Type recordings)

With �Coins and Crosses�, the follow up release to last year�s �Six Preludes� EP, Ryan Teague continues to fuse elements of classical composition and ambient electronica in a fashion not entirely dissimilar to Labradford. As good as �Six Preludes� was, at points the electronic and the classical elements of Ryan Teague�s music seemed uneasy bedfellows, at times the two musical styles seemed almost at odds with one another. Not, so with �Coins and Crosses�, which sees Ryan Teague hone his sound to damn near perfection. The electronic and the classical elements to this album compliment each other beautifully. Take, for example, the title track �Coins and Crosses�, on which the background electronic fuzz and the meandering harp picking of Rhodri Davies combine in a very pleasing fashion. Or take the beginning to the track �Accidia�, a background drone combines wonderfully with mournful string arrangements. These are just random examples; the entire album is of this quality. This represents a sizable evolutionary leap for Ryan Teague, and is also a stunning piece of music.

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