August 29, 2007

Terje Rypdal - Odyssey

ECM 1975
"Odyssey" was a recording that Norwegian guitarist Terje Rypdal made with his road band. While it is usually categorized as fusion jazz, it utterly unlike the virtuostic overplaying typical of that genre. If it is reminiscent of anything, it is some of the work of Miles Davis, in that musician's downplaying of "chops" in favor of spare soloing inside fairly skeletal frameworks.
These pieces tend to be built on similar lasts: a repeated bass vamp; organ or synth laying down chords; drums essentially for coloration; and a kind of counterpoint or call-and-response between Rypdal's biting electric guitar tone and Torbjorn Sunde's trombone.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great Blog!!! I've been looking for these Rypdal albums for awhile, especially "Skyward" --
Thanks so Much!

Burning Blue Soul said...

I wanted to tell you that the link to Terje Rypdal's Odyssey is dead and as of November 25 2007, this recordingis out of print on CD as well, obviously, as vinyl. Perhpas you woul consider reposting it? Either way, thank you. Thisa is a wonderful blog.

DeepestPurple said...
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Anonymous said...

Shit Link is dead!

Matthias said...

idd, the link is dead :(
Would you repost this please?