August 23, 2007

Helios - Eingya

Type Records, founded by John Twells and Stefan Lewandowski of Britain, is offering stiff competition to indie-electronica contemporaries like City Centre Offices and Morr Music. Over the course of almost three years, the label has issued ambient post-rock, minimalist electronica and twee pop that are consistently subtle and heartfelt.
Eingya is a remarkable sophomore album from Keith Kenniff�s Helios project. Kenniff has also recorded a full-length as Goldmund, in addition to a handful of remixes and compilation appearances as Helios, where he often contrasts his smoothly polished ambient-leaning productions against the edgier experimentations of his peers. With Eingya, he has further refined the sparse, moody, melodic aesthetic of his Unomia album. His use of tiny samples, tones, field recordings and lulling percussion places him in company with the ambient Robert Fripp, German avant-electronic composer Arovane and John Twells�s alter ego Xela. In lieu of vocals, he intersperses these fractured soundscapes with guitar loops and delicate piano musings.
Melancholy and earnest, Helios ranges from the hopeful warmth of �Halving the Compass� and �Sons of Light and Darkness,� to the ruminative hiss of �The Toy Garden� and a lively rock buildup on �Paper Tiger.� Eingya never gets too dark but remains polished yet effortless. In all the album�s restraint, however, Kenniff hones, rather than expands, his style. Whatever Eingya lacks in innovation it makes up for in nuance. It�s a solid addition to the canon of ambient pop electronica.

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A solid listen. Thanks so much!